Maybe you eat a lot of meat and want to cut down. Maybe you’re a part-time veggie who doesn’t want the label. Maybe you’re heading out with a group of mates who don’t all eat meat.

Some restaurants are better than others at offering interesting, tasty veggie options. We’ve analysed and rated hundreds of them - so now you can easily find a restaurant with something meat-free on their menu that’s right up your street.


Discover Vegetarian in restaurants that serve Meat

Find new restaurants that are great at veggie - and at everything else

When we started eating more plant-based food, our own biggest challenge was integrating it with our social life. So we rate ‘omnivorous’ restaurants that offer something for everyone.

Search by Area, Cuisine and Price

Search as you normally would

Food is not all about ‘dietary requirements’, but nowadays it can feel like that. We go old-school here: Search by area, cuisine and price. We show you the relevant restaurants with most plant-based variety.


Hundreds of Independent Restaurants

We manually analyse restaurants’ menus area by area. So instead of showing you chains, we can give you lots of new restaurant ideas and cover restaurants that don’t have the PR budget to tout about their veggie food.


Know what to expect

We show you the number of veggie mains on the a la carte menu, what % of main dishes is veggie (high % = more focus on veggie = tastier & more creative dishes), and we say whether there are vegan mains on the menu. We also consider how easy it is to order plant-based. We want you to have a great experience ordering veggie - even if you don’t like asking for it!


Book or get directions

We do veggie analysis. We don’t operate a bookings platform. If you want to make a booking, we refer you to OpenTable or other providers who’ll give you the best experience for it.

If you just want to walk in, we’ll connect you to Google Maps so you can easily find the restaurant.


Our Why

Do you know which Korean restaurant in Soho has the best veggie offering? Probably not.

Annette ran into problems like this a lot when she decided to eat less meat 3 years ago. Today, the More Than Carrots App helps anyone find the London restaurants where following a balanced and 'plants-first' diet is most delicious and enjoyable.

Now, why does the world need another veggie app in 2019? Because we disrupt how diners and restaurants  think about veggie dishes. We all live on a planet where collectively we need to reduce our meat consumption by 90% to even have a chance of hitting our climate goals. However, main dishes on London's restaurant menus are 75% meat + fish based. In the Western World, that’s actually not bad. But it also isn’t the way forward. Eating veggie needs to be easier.

More Than Carrots doesn't just help vegans and vegetarians with their 'special needs'. Our vision is a world where eating mostly plant-based food is not special at all.