Frequently Asked Questions

You give restaurants a poor rating, but I’ve been and loved their VEGGIE food.

  • Our ratings don’t reflect our opinion, we haven’t been to all restaurants personally. The ratings are based on menu analysis. We consider how many veggie options there are, how much variety of veggie options there is (e.g. are all veggie options carb-heavy?), how focused the restaurant is on veggie, and how easy it is to order veggie dishes (e.g. whether they are on the main menu or whether you have to ask). In addition, we highlight whether restaurants serve at least one plant-based main dish.

  • In other words: We analyse restaurants from the point of view of a person who also eats meat. One of the questions we try to answer is ‘would someone who considers ALL menu options be likely to order veggie here?’

Why doESn’t MORE THAN CARROTS consider other dietary requirements?

  • We analyse menus based on publicly accessible data. This allows us to grow a lot faster and cover enough restaurants to build a useful tool. While this is possible for vegan and vegetarian dishes, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that dishes don’t contain allergens without collecting detailed data from each restaurant.

  • If you have a food intolerance: Green rated restaurants offer so much variety in veggie dishes that you should be able to find a dish that also doesn’t contain the ingredients you are intolerant to.

  • If you have a food allergy: We list many independent restaurants where food gets freshly made. You will know this better than us, but in these restaurants we assume that you’ll need to speak to your waiter either way and that they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

My favourite restaurant is great at veggie but is not listed.

  • If there is a restaurant we should add, please fill in this short form. We are trying to grow the database as fast as we can, but we are all working voluntarily, so please hang in there! If you’d like to support us with analysis, we’d be delighted! Please reach out to

Why are there no USER reviews?

  • For general reviews: We won’t be able to compete with Google any time soon, and decided to add their ratings instead of trying to generate our own. The Google rating we list is the overall restaurant rating that you’ll be familiar with.

  • Veggie-focused ratings are tricky. We have tried this and we learned that opinions and therefore ratings depend almost more on a diner’s eating habits (vegan, veggie, meat eater) than on the restaurant. For example, Annette loves veggie food but doesn’t like raw food. After reading reviews from vegans who were raving about it, she ended up having a poor experience, based on the wrong expectations.

  • For these reasons, we are focusing on menu analysis for now. However, we are considering adding reviews as an additional feature soon. We’d love to hear your feedback on that:

Aren’t you biased towards larger restaurants?

  • The main idea behind > CARROTS is finding restaurants where a diner who doesn’t feel like eating meat (that day or ever) will have a variety of options to choose from. ‘Variety’ really starts at 3, so restaurants with only 1 or 2 veggie mains won’t score as highly in our app.

  • Our ratings are therefore unfortunately a bit biased towards giving larger menus higher scores. That’s because menus in London that have only 5 main dishes have an average of 1.3 veggie mains, i.e. no real choice. We are looking at ways of correcting for that, because we know that diners love restaurants with small menus!